December 30, 2012

'Tis the season for Indiscretion

Oh Angus! We asked for a SCOTCH with legs.
With all the seasonally appropriate talk of the rich and powerful being brought to their knees due to their 'indiscretions', we thought we'd try to find a way to tie a whisky review to the failings of our 'natural' urges. If you're going to play around, there are a few things you should consider first. Now I realize that 99.9% of cheating doesn't involve any thinking at all, and I appreciate the situational and environmental elements involved in said infidelity: the mood, the lighting, the quality & quantity of libation being consumed. But let's try for a minute to believe that we are actually logical creatures with some level of discipline and ability for planning ahead.

Dark, mysterious, and New World charm.
Glenfiddich 19 yr old Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask Reserve*. Ok that's one bloody long title. Does it deserve such a moniker? Well, the packaging alone is enough to make one tremble before its mighty bosom. Nineteen years, really? Admittedly there's a certain guilt when thinking about the pleasures of an 18 yr old, but for some twisted 15th century/Game of Thrones rationale, a 19 yr old seems old enough to know the score. That one extra year affords her the unmistakeable markings of maturity. An adult in her prime not susceptible to the ridiculous and transparent charms of a fast car, a nice suit, or a reservation at the 'it' spot in town. Those are the trappings of an 18 yr old. That Pretty Penny will fall hard for said lures, for she is still a child.

You still got it Burt.

"Age of Discovery"… yes indeed. The brilliant (and twisted) people at Glenfiddich have not let us down. This is the second AoD release from the distillery. BTW, our first ever review on this blog was for Glenfiddich's Snow Phoenix. A mighty and frigid bird that pecked at our heart with a balanced and complex rhythm. Were we impressed? Uhhh yes. Now Glenfiddich comes back to our half-dead carcass for a second helping of blood thumping, heart wrenching, take-a-chance-and-risk-it-all abandon lust… americano-style.

The Mississippi: You WILL love her, and she WILL tear your little heart out. Because once you've felt her waves, and her curves, and her current; all others will become mere streams and babbling brooks. To say the AoD is balanced is an understatement. She is the Cirque du Soleil of the Whisky world, not the cheaply perfumed and imprecise Moulin Rouge from the slutty underbelly of dramland. There is honey, there is wine, there's even a hint of smoke, and that's just fine. Something extreme about this one. The Tannins & oils of the american oak are deeply penetrating. The Mississippi flows strong against your paddleboat tongue. It IS good.

* Don't look for this at your local pharmacy, it can only be found at the nearest port of entry.

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